Top 12 Common Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight


When you lose weight, your body certainly will resist against your weight loss. Maybe initially you can lose weight without much effort. However, the rate may be slow or near zero for some time afterward. Therefore, the article below will list 12 causes that hinder weight loss, and also offers some practical advice to break this stagnation. Moreover, you can refer to the book name “Three Week Diet” to get more information andmeet your concern.


You do not mind what you eat

Paying attention to dishes is very important if you are trying to lose weight. It is necessary for us to consider how much we eat, but not everyone knows about this.

The researchers show that taking notice of diet helps you lose weight. People, who put in writing their dishes, or take pictures of meals, lose weight better than those who do not.

You are not eating enough protein

The fact that protein is the essential nutrient in the weight loss process. If you add a protein content equivalent to 30% of calories, this can cause you to eat less every day. At the same time, protein also reduces your appetite as well. This effect is partly due to the influence of the protein on appetite-regulating hormones such as ghrelin and so on.

If you eat breakfast, this is the most important meal to store the protein. Many studies indicate that people, who eat breakfast with high protein content, are less hungry as well as less appetite throughout the day.

Eating more protein helps prevent metabolic decline, a side effect of weight loss. In fact, protein also helps prevent weight gain again as well.

You do not eat raw foods

The fact is that food quality is as important as the amount of food.

Eating healthy foods can improve your health and help you regulate the feeling of appetite. These foods tend to cause more bellyache than the processed food. You should keep in mind that the foods mentioned above are labeled as healthy food, but they are not really the same as what is advertised.

You sleep too much

Sleeping too much will make your body less active, plus eating more will make your body fat. That will make you gain weight faster. You can read some of the effective ways to lose weight here

Sometimes you eat too much (even healthy food)

Occasionally, overeating is a side effect of dieting. You eat a large amount of food for a while, which often exceeds the needs of your body. This is a trouble for many dieters. Some people eat too many snacks, while others prefer to healthy foods such as nuts, grapefruit, black chocolate, cheese and so on.

However, even if it’s a healthy food, it’s still calories. Depends on the amount of food you eat, but it is often the only time to break the dietary rule that can ruin the whole effort of the week.

You do not do Cardio exercises

For some strange reasons, the cardio exercises (such as running, jogging, swimming, etc.) have been receiving unreasonable criticism in recent years.

Notwithstanding, this is one of the most effective ways to improve your health. Cardio also helps to burn belly fat effectively, which is the fatty tissue that accumulates around the body’s organs and causes disease.

You still drink soft drinks

Sugary beverages are the most obesity risk among foods. Our brain does not compensate for the calories in the drink by making us eat less than others. This is true for sugary drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi. It is also true for healthy drinks such as vitamin which contains sugar as well. Even canned fruit juices also have problems, and you should not drink much. A cup of juice can contain the same amount of sugar as some fresh fruits.

You do not sleep well

Sleeping is one of the important things to assess your mental and physical health, as well as your weight.

Many experts say that poor sleep is one of the biggest risk factors for obesity. Adults and children with poor sleep have a high risk of obesity, respectively 55 percent and 89 percent.

You are not drinking water

It is no double that drinking water can cause you to lose weight. In a study of weight loss, researchers demonstrated that for 12 weeks, if people drink half a liter of water 30 minutes before meals, they could lose 44 percent of their weight.

Besides that, drinking water has also been shown to burn from 24 to 30 percent of calories in 1.5 hours.

You lose focus on eating

A technique called focus on just eating may be one of the most powerful weight loss methods in the world. This technique consists of eating slowly, eating without distraction, tasting and enjoying each piece of food. At the same time, you see the natural signals of the brain that you are already full. Many studies have shown that this method can significantly reduce weight and reduce the frequency of eating many meals in a day.

You have diseases that make weight loss more difficult

Some diseases can affect your weight and make weight loss more difficult.

These diseases include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and sleep apnea syndrome. Certain medications can make weight loss harder than others, or even cause weight gain. If you think you get any of the above situations, it is best to talk to your doctor about your options.

You are too focused on dieting

You should know that dieting is almost never effective in the long run. The research shows that dieters gain weight when dieting goes beyond time.

Instead of approaching this target from dietary thinking, let’s become a happy and healthy person at first.

Furthermore, you should concentrate on the nourishing your body instead of depriving of its nutrients because weight loss should not occur as a natural side-effect.

To sum up, there are other various reasons why we fail in our attempt to lose weight. If you are planning to diet in the near future, the precious information in this post will partly help you avoid unnecessary obstacles. We hope you get the fit and healthy body as you wish.

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