My Thoughts On TheBrevilleIkon Hemisphere Blender

Husband bought me a BrevilleIkon Hemisphere blender a few months ago. I have been cooking for many years and as a mother this brings about new challenges. When the weaning stage happens it is nice to experiment with new foods. Having a new baby means that you have to blend all food in order for your child to be able to eat it. I often make food, blend it then pop it in the freezer. And you can check out this blender at

Top one best blender on the market

Top one best blender on the market

The BrevilleIkon was one of my first blenders and I have to say that it has been very easy to use and clean. I was impressed with the simplicity of it as I am not very good with anything technical. Firstly there are varying programs this blender uses and it can do things like puree, batter, crush ice, chop and more. I like to experiment with new kinds of food and this blender has been a great help.
I have enjoyed making many smoothies in it as well. I love the different functions this machine has. You can choose to mix things either fast or slow depending on the recipe. If you are making a cake sometimes it has to be a slow blend so this machine is ideal.

I have often used the puree function to make things like sauces and also to puree food for my baby. All that you have to do is add the ingredients that you want and then press the puree button. It is as simple as that. What I particularly liked as well is that as the ingredients are being blended the machine goes through different speeds making sure that all ingredients are mixed. It is probably best to start it on a slow blend and push the function button because otherwise all the ingredients might go to the top of the blender if you start it too quickly.

The BrevilleIkon hemisphere blender has been made with the consumer in mind. When I first opened the packet I was quite impressed with how it looks. It looked really good in my kitchen and was an added delight. It helped to make cooking a lot easier and also quicker.

Although I have always enjoyed cooking it does help to have a machine that makes it simpler, especially with children waiting to be fed. As well as making baby food, it also makes a good soup. If you do not like soup with a lot of chunky vegetables or meat this machine will help make the soup smooth.

If you are having friends over for a meal then it helps to make the preparation work all that much easier. It is also great for blending ingredients for ice cream if you are daring enough. Breville’s products help to make cooking a lot easier and quicker. Rather than doing all the preparation work yourself many products do it for you.

Like the blender, Breville products can be used in several ways during the cooking process. Each product is built to last and has never let me down yet. This brand is very strong and knows just what its customers need.

When cooking you need to know that your appliances are not going to let you down. Each product comes with a guarantee that ensures your money back should anything go wrong with it. However saying that, in all my years experience with using this brand I have never had a piece of equipment that has let me down yet.

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