The Differences of the Gas-Powered String Trimmer and Electric String Trimmer

Today, people are more and more interested in creating aesthetics for the garden, campus, lawn, golf course and so on. Cutting wild grasses, especially in large areas, is a laborious and time-consuming undertaking, so trimmer has become an indispensable companion for gardeners. However, choosing the right trimmer for the job is very difficult. Before buying a trimmer, you need to consider the range of lawn and the ways to cut. The wider the yard, the greater the width of the blade. With the purpose of helping the gardeners, environmental care workers on the campus, the yard can cut the grass quickly. The following information about two kinds of trimmers including the electric string trimmer and the gas one will help you.

The electric string trimmer

If you are in need of a trimmer to clean your golf course, gymnasium or orchard, you should choose the best electric string trimmer. This is some useful information:

–    This type of electric string trimmer is more secure than the use of a steel blade and suitable for cutting grass resort, etc.

–    This is a state-of-the-art device that makes your lawn mowing soothing, simple and effective.

–    It is small and lightweight; the weight of the machine is only about 3.2kg.

–    It uses domestic power (220V) and has wheels, so it is extremely convenient to use even for women.

–    The electric trimmers are designed with technology that can automatically adjust the speed, as well as operating the machine. Besides, the height of the trimmer can be customized according to your demand.

–    The special features of the device are convenient and quiet when you use.

–    The removal and installation of parts are very simple, easy, which makes the charge easier, faster and safer.

–    In addition, when you cut the grass beyond the wire length of the machine, the cable holder mechanism automatically adjusts the wire not to be disconnected suddenly and ensure safety when using.

–    It is a bit expensive, but it can be used very durable and high capacity.

The gas-powered string trimmer

The gas-powered string trimmer is the right choice for gardeners because of the outstanding advantages:

–    It helps the gardener spend less time and bring high efficiency.

–    With The gas-powered string trimmer, gardeners are also fully freed of labor. You do not need to carry the machine when working, not to worry about the machine vibrator shock. The only thing to do is move the controller to the machine in the direction necessary.

–    The gas-powered string trimmer is suitable for all areas of low humidity.

–    It is convenient for users who do not need to charge or worry about battery life.

–    The trimmer has a flue gas management department, to ensure no negative impact on the environment due to exhaust fumes, and not harmful to the health of users.

–   The blade of the trimmer can be changed between the blades or serrated blade depending on the needs of the user without affecting the productivity of the trimmer.

–    The price of the gas-powered string trimmer is low and reasonable, so it is easy to take a useful trimmer.

To sum up, if you want to save money or have a little money you should choose the gas-powered string trimmer.

To sum up, choosing the best electric string trimmer is a wise decision when you want to save money and time.

The information you read in this article has given you some knowledge about two types trimmer (gas-powered string trimmer and electric string trimmer)?

Wish you could buy a suitable trimmer for your family.

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