What are benefits and drawbacks of an electric pressure washer?

When we think about pressure washers, it is difficult for us to decide what is the best and useful kind, gas or electric pressure washers? Some fell that gas is the only one which is work well and worth with its price. The rest say that electric pressure is a real and efficient machine which can help you do well. Which one is best for your job? The article will give you some benefits and drawbacks of an electric pressure washer which help you have a both side of view to get the final desion

Advantages of electric pressure washers


Even in best electric pressure washer, you still get both benefits and shortcoming. In fact, with an electric machine, the power that they offer is so strong. Some of them are up to 2000 PSI; this is a big number which helps you complete the job quickly. Besides, the voice that they create when running is low, or we can say they are every quite. We can use them to clean some small items such as backyard grill, patip, vehicle or even pool area where there are also people without bothering them by noise. Another plus point is that they are every light and portable. Therefore, although you are a slim girls, you can do your job with the help of other.


The last benefits that I want to mention is that they are low maintenance. You just need to pay once time and use them whatever you want. There is no extra cost for gas or oil. Moreover, compared to other types of pressure washer, the price for you to get an electric pressure washer is quite cheap. They are a buget-friendly product for everybody. There are many kinds of electric pressure washers with the price from 30 dollars to 100 dollars. This number is just a small one if you put it next to the price of gas products.

Drawbacks of electric pressure washers

The lengt of the cord

About drawback, like another electric machine, they are also limited by the length of wire. The cord just allows you to use the machine in the concrete areas if your garden is so large, the machine can be useless for the far corner or another side of a fence. It is recommended that you should not use an extension cord to run this water. The electric power will be not able to give enough energy to work in the far place.

The life

Besides, althought they have a low price, they also have a low life. You can not buy one electric pressure washer and hope it can work in next ten years. That means you need to buy a new one after several using years. Most of the people said that the price for a new one is similar to the price of oil and gas that we use for the gas pressure washer.

In conclusion, the electric pressure washers have some benefit such as its price and power, but there are also some problems such as the limit of the cord, and their life is not long. Anyway, this is still a good product that you should consider for using. After reading the article, do you think about buying an electric pressure for yourself? What are you waiting for? It is high time for you to make up the last decision.

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